Thursday, December 09, 2010

all hail Iowa State!

Someone from Iowa State University has been perusing my blog for quite a while now, having first found the Hairy Chasms through a Google search on "Hinduism in the movie The Matrix." I assume you're an undergrad, Whoever You Are. Just wanted to say: thank you for your over 40 minutes of readership. You rock. And more importantly, you roll. Study hard, stay sane, and be careful what you lick, flick, suck, sniff or gag on. College is a minefield for the tongue, nostrils, stomach, and genitals (we might have to add anus for some). My apologies that the essays you found weren't written up in a more academic style. I hope they've inspired you to move on to more scholarly sources; it would horrify me to learn that anything I'd written had been quoted in an essay or research paper as if this blog were an authoritative online source.

For the rest of you who aren't spending over 40 minutes on my blog each time you visit: read this essay. I started reading it and couldn't stop.



Charles said...

I recently discovered The Awl myself--there's some excellent stuff there. It's almost like Suck all over again.

Kelly said...

Loved the article--thanks for the recommendation.