Tuesday, December 28, 2010

chihuahua in da house

Sean's dog Maqz is now residing chez Kevin for a few days. I stayed overnight in Alexandria so as to avoid taking two trips: that way, I was able to get my leaky right rear tire repaired before heading back to my place. I also wanted to avoid rush hour traffic, so I delayed my homeward departure until nighttime. In the meantime, I ate dinner with my brother and two of his friends at an Ethiopian resto in DC called Dukem (strangely enough, people pronounce it to rhyme with the "nukem" in "Duke Nukem"; I would have thought it would be something like "dukaim," rhyming with "fame"). If you have a chance to eat at Dukem, order the regular-font #3 in the latter half of the menu (not the boldface #3 earlier in the menu). Wonderful spices in the meat.

I'm hoping the dog won't prove too noisy for the neighbors. I'm also hoping that Maqz won't crap or pee on my rug. He's generally a good dog, but he's been known to misbehave, given how lax his initial training was.

Anyway, it's late, I'm home, and I'm tired. Dog tired. More later.



Charles said...

Why would Dukem rhyme with "fame"? Is that how Amharic is usually pronounced?

Kevin Kim said...

I just couldn't wrap my mind around "doo-kum," which sounds too English to be plausibly Ethiopian. Of course, I haven't heard the Ethiopian staffers themselves pronounce the restaurant's name, so I have no idea how it's really pronounced. (I also know nothing about Amharic or other Ethiopian phonologies.)

Charles said...

Ah, so it's more about which syllable is accented. Heh. I suppose that would sound funny. I probably would not be able to stop thinking about Duke Nukem all night.

I've never had Ethiopian food, by the way. Sounds like it would be something to try.