Thursday, December 02, 2010

coming soon

Either later today or sometime tomorrow, I'll be blogging responses to two recent comments that deserve lengthy treatments. One was from Addofio here; the other just arrived from Smallholder-- see here.



Smallholder said...

I look forward to my spanking.

Kevin Kim said...

It may have to happen some other time. I'm off from work, but still have a ton of things to do around the new domicile. I confess some annoyance at some of what you wrote, mainly because it appeared you hadn't read me too carefully, and now I feel obliged to correct some misapprehensions.

Not to say that your comment was totally off-base or that I disagreed with it entirely. I didn't; in fact, I'd say we agree more than you seem to think-- and I'll be talking about that, too.

Re: Korea: your best source is Joshua Stanton at One Free Korea, where it's all NK all the time. My own paltry contribution to the discussion was this anemic post.


Smallholder said...

My post wasn't finished when I thought I had accidentally deleted it. It would have been more polished/tactful. When I thought I had accidentally navigated away from the page, I said "screw it, I'm not writing it again." Evidently, I had hit the submit key (I have a laptop with a touch mouse and frequently click things with my palm when I'm typing). If I gave any offense, let's chalk it up to not rewriting. That's not to say that I wouldn't have still missed your points, though, so feel free to spank away.