Wednesday, December 22, 2010

almost done with work for the year

The head office hasn't seen fit to give me two of my requested days (tomorrow and the next day-- 12/23 and 12/24), probably because of a general lack of willing workers. Bizarrely enough, they did grant me my request to work on December 26, so I'll be spending Christmas looking forward to that. After the 26th, I'm off until I return to work on January 10. ETS is "on hiatus" until the 8th, and the 10th is my first assigned day of work for 2011.

The loss of two work days means, once again, the loss of a couple hundred dollars. Not good, especially with my budget looking the way it does.

UPDATE: Murphy's Law: the 26th has been cancelled. Luckily, because of the nature of my listing ("Available" as opposed to "Tentative"), I'm being compensated a half-day.

UPDATE 2: I won't be working on the 23rd or 24th, either. Cancelled, baby! What will I do with my free time...? Perhaps this is the moment to write that self-help manual, Successful Masturbation.


1 comment:

John said...

Let's hope your manual has a happy ending!

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year Kevin.