Friday, April 01, 2011

cinematically speaking



Charles said...

Being married to someone who counts Dirty Dancing among her favorite films, I feel compelled to point out that the line is "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

(And when I say "compelled," I literally mean that I have no free will in this matter. I didn't want to do it, but some unseen, evil hand guided my actions.)

As for the humiliating diminutive, yeah, I always thought that was a bit odd myself... but her given name is "Frances," after all. I'd probably go with "Baby," too.

Kevin Kim said...


In my defense, Google's predictive software kicked in while I was typing the search string: by the time I had typed "nobody puts Baby," the top result was "in the corner." This may be a case of a massively misremembered quote, such as when people misremember Vader's line as "Luke, I am your father." (The actual line was "No: I am your father.")

Charles said...

Ah, predictive software: the bane of Google users and smartphone owners everywhere!

Google's predictive search queries can be great fun at times, just typing in the beginnings of common questions and seeing the sorts of things people are asking about. I remember when LOST finished I went to Google and typed, "What the hell happened at..." and the first result was "the end of lost." (Now it's gone down a bit, of course)

Try typing in "Why is my..." for example, or anything along those lines.