Saturday, April 23, 2011

one mission accomplished

My car has new belts: both the AC/alternator belt and the power steering belt had to be replaced. I had imagined a horrifying sum along the lines of $170-$200 for the repair, but the total cost, parts and labor, ended up being under $90. Thank Cthulu! No more engine squeal every single time I pull out of a parking lot.

The poor car, which isn't young anymore, has been falling apart ever since I acquired it. It's got an electrical system problem: the locks behave strangely. There's the alignment problem, the engine's "metallic purr" problem (timing?), the need for new tires all around, the loose rear license plate, and who knows what else. The car still gets me where I need to go, and it deserves better than to have repairs done only occasionally, but as always, c'est une question de fric: without money, I can't get everything done at once. So I guess I have to work this from paycheck to paycheck.

Tonight, it's all about the charoset. The ingredients are sitting in my kitchen, ready for use. This ought to be fun.


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