Tuesday, April 26, 2011


clip fingernails: once a week

clip toenails and trim/cut hair: about once every four weeks

clip nose hairs: about once every two weeks

do laundry: once a week

vacuum the floor: about once a month

lint-roller the floor: about once every week (or two weeks, if lazy)

make bed: daily

work: four times weekly, 4 to 6 hours a night

meditate: once in a blue moon

go to church: almost never these days

read part of a novel: nightly

blog: several times daily

feel elated: almost never

feel happy: daily

feel hungry: daily

feel stupid: daily

feel helpful/competent: daily

get gas for the car: at least once weekly; this gets expensive

wash the car: never-- at least, not thus far

wash dishes: daily

shower, brush teeth, shave, poop: daily

sleep: nightly

receive phone calls from people I know: only once in a while

receive emails from people I know: several times daily

ponder my future: daily-- sometimes hourly

gaze in wonder at something new: only very rarely these days

play Free Cell on my phone: two or three times weekly

check US/ROK/euro monetary exchange rates: about once a month

wear jeans: about twice a week (would be more frequent if the workplace allowed jeans)

wrestle tigers: never-- thus far

wrestle dogs: twice or three times per year

freak out cats: almost never these days

weigh myself: once a week, now that I finally have a scale

laugh: daily

write emails: daily

hug someone: not as often as I should

bow: daily, whenever I walk into work (YB is Korean-run)

sell something on eBay: twice a month if I'm on a roll

pray: never-- not for the past two decades, if we're talking about serious prayer

cry: not so much lately; quite a lot last year

appreciate life: daily


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