Sunday, April 03, 2011

hired muscle

Today, I'm helping my brother David move some furniture. His boss G, who lives in DC, has a few pieces at his apartment; David has either bought or been given them, and today's the day he's going to collect them from G. In a few minutes, I'll be driving over to David's house in Alexandria, then we're heading into DC together after we rent a moving van. We'll put the pieces in the van around lunchtime, do lunch, and then unload the van at David's house this evening. The reason for the delay is that David's boss had invited us to watch a baseball game. I politely declined this offer (I don't know G and don't normally like watching baseball, except in very special circumstances*), but I told David that I'd be happy to hang in DC so that we could meet up and finish the job later today or tonight.

My plan, instead of watching baseball this afternoon/evening, will be to chill on Georgetown University's campus for a few hours until I get a call/text from David to meet up and drive back to Virginia. That way, I can visit my alma mater, do a bit of people-watching, get some paperwork done while sitting in Lauinger Library, do a bit more blogging at the Kevin's Walk blog, and basically have a productive day. Laundry at David's place later tonight will cap off the weekend and save me a few bucks.

UPDATE: Looks as if this won't be happening today. Ah, well.

*Back when my mother was suffering from her cancer, my buddy Mike and his family invited me to come along to watch the Nationals. They won that day, which was eminently cool, and I had fun being with my buddy, his wife, and their kids. That's about the only circumstance in which I might enjoy a baseball game, really.


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