Sunday, April 03, 2011

the squeaky belt

Today's mission-- which was actually supposed to be yesterday's mission-- is to get my poor car's belts checked. The squealing that occurs when I start the car up has begun to sound more and more like an opera singer being slowly crushed by a steamroller, and it's been this way for nearly a month. All the online literature says that, when the squealing starts, you should get your belt checked (and replaced, if necessary) right away. My problem, of course, is that I've spent the past thirty days with almost no money, and only recently reestablished a respectable cash flow.

I'm going to visit the dudes who did my oil change (for free, thanks to a coupon) to see what the cost might be for a belt replacement. If it's $100 or under, I'll be asking them to do the dirty deed and fix whatever belts need fixing. If it's over $100, I'll have to wait until the next pay day before I can do anything. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Saturday backlog. I'll be trying the car dudes again this coming week.


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