Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A happy Passover to those of the Jewish persuasion! I'll be dipping my toe into that venerable tradition, as I do every year, by making a batch of my very own charoset. This year's batch is going to be a bit experimental: I have two huge bottles of powdered honey-and-ginger, something my mother had bought ages ago from some Korean store, and which has never found a good use. Since the type of charoset I make usually involves honey as a binding agent and includes a waft of ginger, I'm curious as to whether this Korean powder can actually save me a step in the charoset-making process. I'll need to add liquid, of course; the traditional method would be to use a special Passover wine, but I may reach for a less ceremonial alcohol, given the already-nontraditional nature of my charoset.


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