Saturday, May 14, 2011

dry spell ended

Blogger has had some problems this week. I'm not sure whether the problems have all been fixed, but for the past 36 hours, I've been unable to make any updates. Those of us who use Blogger have been frustrated, for the past day and a half, by a message window telling us that the Blogger crew has been combating some unnamed glitch. We can only hope that the glitch has been defeated.

So I've microblogged instead. Twitter, as it turns out, is a piss-poor substitute for blogging. I suppose it's fine for those who don't have much to say, but as much as I appreciate the writerly discipline that comes with the 140-character constraints on Twitter, I'm more of a long-form writer (if a couple blogged paragraphs can be said to be "long-form"), and would rather work in a forum that at least offers a choice between haiku-esque brevity and full-on logorrhea.

So! Back to blogging.



Charles said...

So was I imagining that post about remainders refusing to go away? I'm pretty sure I saw a post about that, and I was even going to comment on it, but that's when I got the message that Blogger was in "read-only" mode.

Kevin Kim said...

That post (and, I think, one or two others) may have been eaten by the cthonian divinities of Blogger. One of the messages I saw, during the repair period, was that blog posts from a day or so ago were being removed (as part of whatever repair was going on?). A follow-up post said the posts were being replaced, but there was no elaboration on what that might have meant. It could have meant:

1. Blogger took down all the posts made on that day, and is now slowly putting them all back up, with the understanding that all posts will eventually be restored.

2. Blogger took down all those posts, and has put back as many as it could, with some attrition.

3. Blogger likes warm maple syrup poured lovingly over a gorgeous woman's erect nipples.

I'm voting for (2), but the actual answer might be (3).