Tuesday, May 10, 2011

from Pesach to Vesak

'Tis the season!

We've gone from Pesach to Easter to what is now the Buddha's birthday! A little Dalma-do action to set the mood:

They've been celebrating in Korea for a while, now, but May 10, 2011 on the solar calendar corresponds, this year, to the traditional date for the Buddha's birthday on the lunar calendar, which is April 8-- at least for East Asians.

Happy Seokga Tanshinil (석가 탄신일, 釋迦 誕辰日)!



hahnak said...

such a charming img of bodhidharma! its what brought me to you in the first place. i am very attached to your bodhidharmas.

nice job on the bulshim too. your strokes both in writing and drawing are sure and steady.

glad you are keeping up with it!

Elisson said...

Right back atcha, Kevin!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, Hahna. I think I wrote this before, years ago, but it bears repeating: the "shim" character looks deceptively simple to write, but I'm still trying to master it.

Elisson, thanks!