Saturday, May 28, 2011

my buddy's embarrassment

I had to laugh when I read the latest email from my French "brother" Dominique:

ici c’est la sècheresse, chaud , pas de pluie, la France commence à s’inquiéter car on risque même des pénurie d’électricité car l’eau au niveau des centrales nucléaires commence à manquer...

sinon, je crois qu’on parle beaucoup de la France aux USA en ce moment....faut toujours qu’on se fasse remarquer !! désolé...

No, I wasn't laughing at D's reference to the possibility of blackouts-- that actually sucks. Instead, it was the final two lines that had me guffawing, as France is somewhat self-conscious about l'affaire Strauss-Kahn (he's known as DSK in the French news). Translation:

Otherwise, I think they're talking a lot about France in the USA right now... we always have to call attention to ourselves! Sorry...



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