Tuesday, May 17, 2011

slowly but... slowly

Blogger Buzz says that "most" posts have been restored at this point (mine haven't), but that the larger blogs, i.e., the ones that have been around and that have plenty of entries, are taking longer to restore. So I suppose all I can do is wait patiently a few more days and keep checking the Blogger Buzz updates. If "ontological stubbornness"-- a victim of the Blogger snafu-- doesn't reappear in a week, I may have to hurt someone.



Charles said...

Tell me about it! That post was ripe for discussion!

I would email you my comments, but I can't even refer back to the post to do so.

(Speaking of email... I'm slowly working up a log that will be passed shortly.)

Kevin Kim said...

Guess I'd better put on my raincoat for when that log comes splashing down.

Surprises Aplenty said...

Off topic: May 20 is Draw Muhammad Day. The Friendly Atheist is collecting drawings to post on his website.
If you're interested: