Wednesday, May 04, 2011

thou shalt neither poop nor shower

Somewhere in my neighborhood, at some point in the early morning when I was fast asleep, a crucial pipe burst, causing the water pressure in our apartment complex to go haywire. The rental office asked for the water to be shut off, and some county folks are out and about, making repairs as I write this. I learned all this from the rental office lady when I went to drop off my monthly check today.

In the meantime, it's not a good idea for me either to shower or to poop-- both of which I must do if I'm to go to work. I'm going to have to sit tight for the next hour or so, and if we don't have restoration of the water flow by 1:15, I'll buy some water (my single Brita pitcher of water won't suffice)-- enough to fill my toilet tank and to take a sponge bath. I'm not looking forward to that eventuality.

So let us pray to the local water-and-plumbing gods, that they be both merciful and quick in their healing of the metal circulatory system.

UPDATE, 1:00PM: Water restored! Sort of. The pipes and faucets are spitting, yowling, and blatting like gassy, diarrhetic cats right now, but I expect the flow to become steadier the longer I use the water.



Elisson said...

Of course, you could save water and poop in the shower.

Kevin Kim said...

Thank goodness I won't have to try that today.

Bratfink said...

Oh, I feel your pain because I've had that pain.

Kevin Kim said...


Yeah, you start to envy those greenies with their barrels of stored rainwater.

Charles said...

No 목욕탕 in the neighborhood, I take it?