Monday, September 05, 2011

the day that wasn't

Today has been about as unproductive as some of my most unproductive days. At this point, I'd characterize this Sunday as little more than Shopping, Laundry, and Tolkien day. I could have spent most of the sunlit hours working on finalizing my rate sheet for my other blog, or on studying more GRE problems (well, I did do this, kind of), but I've done little more than eat buttered French bread with Wegmans-brand Triple-crème Brie-- a combination that's proven highly addictive (and I have my friend Mike to thank for starting me on this path). I suppose that having a day of sheer laziness isn't a mortal sin, but some part of me feels I should be getting off my massive butticles and doing more.

Nah. Tomorrow, God willing.


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Maven said...

See, I think of days such as you describe as days where we actually LIVE and ENJOY life, rather than be actively engaged in one enterprise or another.