Friday, September 30, 2011

next step: advertising locally

The blog is more or less ready and the first Craigslist ad is up: an online presence has been established. I've got two high schools up the street from me and several colleges and universities in the area around me, so now it's time to start advertising locally. I may even do the obnoxious thing and stick advert flyers in my neighbors' doors; the apartment complex has plenty of families with kids, as well as a healthy complement of twentysomethings of grad school age. I wonder whether I should be printing out business cards as well, especially as I'm getting to know the locals.

ADDENDUM: I think a free one-hour session (not a lesson: an actual lesson would involve planning and on-task activities, whereas a getting-to-know-you session would be more about putting out feelers) might be a good way to promote my service.


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