Friday, September 16, 2011


We're losing one of our teachers at YB Near: he's a recent graduate and a second lieutenant in the US Air Force who's been awaiting his call-up to active duty. YB is where he's been biding his time. He started working at our center a couple months after I had started, and now-- poof-- he's out the door after this Saturday. A.P., we hardly knew ye.

A.P. was a great coworker and a fine teacher, but now that he's leaving, the question arises: how do we fill the pedagogical vacuum? The answer, at least for the next couple months, is that Your Humble Narrator will begin working on Saturdays and stop working on Mondays. My Monday students-- most of them, anyway-- will be shunted to Tuesday, and a former YB employee has been roped in to do some part-time work on Mondays as well. No new teachers are going to be hired for the moment-- an interesting contrast with the hiring frenzy at YB Far a couple months ago.

I'm a bit apprehensive about the increase in student load, but am glad to be getting two extra hours per week. I'm sad to be losing my three off-days in a row (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), but I was going to lose them, anyway, given my own plans to tutor privately.

This weekend, then, will be a long one, as I'll be off Friday through Monday; starting next Tuesday, though, I'll be shifting to the new schedule. Wish me luck.