Thursday, March 06, 2014

Day Four: the week in review

Thursday turned out to be a good day. I had my final two classes for the week—both beginner-level groups, one at 1PM and another at 3PM in the same room. The 1PM group was pretty good, the 3PM group less so, but not bad. Most of the 3PM kids were aching to go home because my class was their final class of the day (they applauded when I ended class with a flourish). I'm going to have to harness that yearning somehow.

So all in all, the first week back at school was much better than I'd thought it would be. This is still the honeymoon period, of course; we'll see whether this high can last through the entire semester. Everything normally goes smoothly on intro days, but starting next week, the students have to have their textbooks and we need to get moving. The little boogers had better be ready.


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