Monday, March 03, 2014

Day One: praise Jeebus

I can only hope that the rest of this week turns out to be as good as today was. I admit I was cringing at the thought of teaching four classes of beginners (I have six classes: four beginner, one intermediate, one mixed-level pronunciation), given how things went last semester. But today's crop of kids was alert, responsive, and downright cheerful, so I have no complaints at all. The second of my two classes actually applauded me—twice!—for no reason I could ascertain. I gave my usual cheerful, energetic "Welcome to class" spiel in both classes, changing my style very little from class to class, so I can only assume the second class was just way peppier than the first—and the first class was actually quite good.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, I have only one class each day: Intermediate Speaking tomorrow, and Pronunciation on Wednesday. Mid-week is when I get my easy schedule—the saggy part of the hammock, if you will. Then we're back to business on Thursday with another two classes, one after another, like on Monday. What will the collective temperaments of my final four classes be like? I'm a bit worried: given how amazingly the week started, things can only go down from here. Sae ong ji ma.


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Charles said...

Think positive, my friend. It's better for your blood pressure.