Wednesday, March 19, 2014

that Malaysian flight

I haven't said anything, up to now, about the missing Malaysian flight, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 bound for Beijing. To be honest, I'm not inclined to say much, mainly because there are so few data. Speculation, meanwhile, has proliferated all around me—some of it intelligent, some of it positively wild-eyed. Until we know something concrete, I think it prudent to avoid committing myself to a particular theory or set of theories. All I'll share is that same astonishment that others have expressed: that in this over-surveilled, over-monitored, over-tracked modern world, something as huge as a plane with nearly 240 people on board could get lost—poof. That in itself is scary enough.



Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Since there were no cell phone calls by passengers after contact was lost, I suspect that someone blocked the oxygen masks' release and depressurized the plane. Within 15 seconds (I believe I've heard), all passengers would be unconscious and dying.

What happened then, I don't know, but here are two guesses:

The last voice heard said, "Good night." A farewell to life, with the plane heading out over the Indian Ocean to crash into the sea?

Or did the plane land somewhere because somebody wanted a plane for some reason sometime.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Charles said...

I was watching CNN this morning, and in their obligatory segment on the plane some talking head was going on about the US military hardware being used in the search. He said something like: "This plane uses radar to search a wide area, so it doesn't have to worry about the glare that might confuse you and I."