Thursday, March 13, 2014

energy drain

Thursday is likely going to be my most difficult day of the week this semester. My classes begin late in the day: 1PM and 3PM. The 3PM class, in particular, is going to be hard to motivate; as I may have mentioned in an earlier post, this class is the final class of the day for most of those students. As a result, they're tired and ready to go home; learning English isn't their top priority. So, perhaps just for the 3PMers, I'm going to need to develop some unusually entertaining strategies to keep everyone awake, alert, and motivated—games and other activities that get the kids out of their seats and moving about.

If I can somehow map our textbook's content onto, say, a Total Physical Response (or a theater) format, that would be an improvement right there. Right now, things aren't bad, but I can already see signs that the 3PMers—tired and easily distracted—have the potential to become a handful if I'm not on my game.


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