Wednesday, March 05, 2014

the scare

The campus registrar's office called me in the middle of my lesson today to say that there was a mistake on my weekly schedule: I had seven classes to teach, not six. This was alternately surprising and annoying, as I had already been through this with my department's office: I had received an email in early January that included a tentative class schedule pegged at seven classes. Then, in mid-February, I received a followup email with my "confirmed" schedule, which showed only six classes. To confirm this revised schedule, I spoke with our new office lady this past Monday, and she said that the revised schedule was indeed fixed and confirmed. I had no reason to mistrust her, which is why today's call was a surprise.

The registrar asked me to come visit ASAP, so right after class, I trudged across campus to the Admin Building, Room 110, and spoke with the same gent who had helped me arrange my KMA work. He asked me who had given me my assigned classes; I told him, and he called our department's office. After speaking with our new office lady for a few minutes, he shrugged, hung up, and told me that I had only six classes. That was a relief; I was worried that I had somehow skipped a seventh class. At the same time, I was sad not to have the seventh class because that would have meant a slight bump in income. As things stand, my salary will be no different from what it was last semester; the main difference will be in the money I pull in from side work.

So all's well that ends well, I suppose: no extra burden on my weekly schedule.


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