Sunday, March 09, 2014

no computers

My team's faculty office transitioned from one building to another, along with all the other teams in the Practical English Department. That was a massive move, most of which took place during the two-month break. Alas, the process wasn't quite finished: we have work stations, chairs, and storage space, but only a scattered few of us have computers and printers properly hooked up and networked. Some bad things happened during the move, too: I lost my mouse (my current mouse isn't the one I'd used last semester), lost some drawer keys, and my monitor doesn't seem to be working. I've been told that the IT people are supposed to have everything properly hooked up, for all of us, by this coming week, but some among us have expressed doubts that that will happen. I'm skeptical, too.

So this means doing all my office work at home, printing copies from my own laser printer, then running those printouts through the lone photocopier at the new building's office. Strangely enough, our faculty offices moved, but our department office, with our two office assistants, is still in Aquinas Hall. We can liaise with another department office in the new building, but I'm still not sure what relationship that new office has with our Aquinas office. It's all a process of discovery right now, with a bit of unnecessary inconvenience thrown in. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the logistical issues will all be resolved by this week, but my inner realist says that's not likely. A good time to practice patience, then.


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