Friday, November 07, 2014

bereft of taste

One of the best ways to get me not to eat is to deprive me of my ability to taste food. With my nose currently stuffed, I have very little desire to eat, and anything that I do eat will need to be spicy: spicy food makes the nose run and sometimes helps me regain my sense of taste. Then again, I've eaten spicy meals that did a number on me yet failed to break through the blockage. Last night, I went to a local 24-hour Korean restaurant that specializes in kongnamul-gukbap. The menu gave the option of ordering the spicy version, so I did that. The soup looked great, at least, and the kongnamul had a good, firm, fresh crunch to it, but I had no clue how it tasted. Eating meals while in that condition is a strange experience: I end up trying to imagine the taste, if that makes any sense.

I've just ordered myself a spicy meal here at the office, partly as a way of celebrating being paid by the Golden Goose after a month-long delay in payment. We'll soon find out whether this meal can do what yesterday's meal couldn't.

In exercise news: I don't think I'll be heading up Namsan while I still have this cold. To get my steps in, I'll stick with flat ground for now, which means plenty of walks through Jongno in my near future. That way, I can walk long distances without working up a sweat and potentially catching an even worse cold. Flat ground is a bit boring, and I'll be somewhat deconditioned by the time I start going back up the mountain, but I don't want to dig myself any deeper than I already am, cold-wise.


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