Monday, November 03, 2014

improvise, adapt, overcome

When you spend as much time as I now do at the campus vegetarian buffet, you start to get bored, and your mind begins searching for creative rearrangements of the food on your plate to trick yourself into making it all more palatable. Here's one such recent attempt:

The above "wrap" wouldn't have been possible had the buffet not had those spiral steamed Chinese-style buns on hand. I like the soft bread, but I keep wishing I had some nice garlic-butter sauce on hand for dipping.

The ingredients in the "wrap": a large sweet-potato fritter (often called a gorokae in Korean; I suspect this is an attempt at a French word, mais je ne sais pas lequel), some grilled mushrooms, some kimchi, and some Western-style salad greens. Most entertaining.



daeguowl said...

I assume it's a transliteration of that French or faux-French?

Kevin Kim said...

An anonymous commenter wrote in to say the same thing, but I didn't publish the comment because the commenter obviously didn't bother to read the comment-policy paragraph sitting right above the comment window—the paragraph with the header "READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING!"

Best guess: faux-French, since "gorokae" is closer to "croquet" than it is to "croquette." But yeah, I was thinking along croquette-ish lines as well.