Tuesday, November 04, 2014

midterm elections

I won't be voting in the midterm elections, but I'll be watching with interest to see whether the conservative backlash truly materializes. People are placing their bets on a huge Republican comeback; the race of greatest interest seems to be the U.S. Senate: will the Senate tilt to a GOP majority, thereby dethroning Senate Majority Leader and Democrat bête noire Harry Reid? Pundits are saying "yes," but I doubt that's the end of the story. Every party that comes into power ends up messing things up in some way or other; each party loses its luster almost immediately after the glow of electoral victory fades.

The real test will be the test of time: will the party in charge manage to put in place policies that maximally benefit the nation and increase its (to use a crude term) index of happiness? I admit that I have my doubts. I don't think the Democrats' formula has worked any magic on our economy or our international prestige, and it's by no means a sure thing that the Republicans, if they regain the Senate and sweep other posts, will reveal their superior wizardry. So color me skeptical: I'll believe the results when I see them. We'll talk in two years at the presidential election. I'll be voting then.


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