Sunday, November 30, 2014

the final November walk

I'll be starting up the mountain around 5PM today. My knees are pretty achy, but I need to do at least 40K steps if I'm to beat my October average and finish out November with my honor intact. Starting at 5PM gives me seven hours. I walk about 6,000 steps per hour, so that ought to be sufficient to bring me about 42,000 steps by midnight. Of course, the above count assumes no stopping or slowing down, and the last time I did a quadruple summit, I definitely slowed down, especially on the uphill portions. At 3.2 miles per hour, I'll have walked around 22 miles (36.1 km) by midnight.

So today won't be about the summiting: I'll do maybe a single or a double summit, then I'll get the rest of my steps in by walking the Chungmuro-Jongno-Gwanghwamun triangle, which is a long, flat stretch of ground that ought to allow me to walk (or, in my case, limp) faster. I thought about making today the day I wandered down to the river, per my buddy Tom's suggestion, but I'm worried about losing my bearings and getting lost in the maze of streets. Better just to stick to the paths I know.

I've got laundry percolating right now. In theory, it'll be done by a little before 5PM; I'll hang it up to dry, then bolt right out and be on my way.

Wish me luck.


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John said...

I trust you survived. Snow's coming soon, you may have to try mall walking.