Tuesday, November 04, 2014

current November average: 19,277 steps

We're only a few days into November, so it's far too early to say how the month's going to end. I'm shooting for an average of 15K, and since November 1 began auspiciously with my 28K-step walk with JW, I have high hopes that I'll reach my goal. November 2 was a bit of a rest break from the previous day: just 8,002 steps. Tonight (well, the night of November 3), I double-summited, which means I racked up 21,268 steps. So my current November average is 19,277 steps, which is well above 15K. Honestly, I don't expect that to last: I'll be taking breaks throughout the month, and each break will wreck my overall average, forcing me to walk even more during my "on" days. But as long as most of my walks are over 12K or 13K, I'm pretty sure that I'll reach my goal this month.


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