Saturday, November 01, 2014

it's official

So I hit 14K as my daily step average for October:

That's an improvement of under 400 steps per day from the previous month, but I'll be shooting for 15K this month. A single-summiting of Namsan comes out to about 13.5K; if I walk about 6K during a regular workday, I can get close to 20K steps in per day (workday walking + Namsan). It's the weekends, though, where I normally fall down: the temptation to just rest is too great sometimes, and I don't always move my big carcass on Saturdays and Sundays. This drops my average. For November, I'm going to have to maintain my activity levels even over the weekend.

Whoever said that losing weight was a matter of making a substantial lifestyle change wasn't joking. Because I require large blocks of time to walk as far as I do, this affects how and when I eat meals, and makes me think twice about eating certain things. I can't say that I've seriously begun to diet yet, but I can see that that's going to be a vital next step in the overall plan of attack, along with performing muscle-building exercises.

A confession: I ended up not hiking Namsan at all on Halloween—I hit the 11K mark sometime in the evening, and that was enough to push my October average over the edge to 14K. Another thing I need to learn is how not to feel guilty about giving myself the occasional day off: sometimes it's fine to be a slob. Sometimes "good enough" is truly good enough. On the one hand, I need to walk more on weekends; on the other, I don't need to be overdoing it.

Here's to 15K in November!


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