Tuesday, June 30, 2015

in case you didn't notice

Last week, I dropped SiteMeter from my sidebar. One paranoid commenter had done the same thing, and I guess his(?) paranoia finally rubbed off on me. I might slap SiteMeter back on in a few days, but I'm in no hurry. SiteMeter was originally a very reliable counter back in 2003, but over the years it's become less and less stable, crapping out at odd times, miscounting (as it did recently), and generally acting weird. I don't know what happened, but the counter went from great to shitty, and I'm no longer sure it's worth using. I may just stick to Blogger's built-in counter, even though it provides precious little vital information.


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Elisson said...

I gave up on Sitemeter a long time ago. I've had much better results with Statcounter... not that I really give a crap about my blog's statistics these days. ("What is this 'blog' of which you speak, Kemosabe?")