Saturday, June 20, 2015

the statistical hypertrophy continues

The previous 24-hour period, according to SiteMeter, ended with 1,594 unique visits. It's the next day, and as of this writing, I've already got almost 600 unique visits. I think I'm going to break a thousand yet again. Very bizarre.

There is no way in hell that this blog got discovered by someone influential—someone who turned around to his own followers and said, "Dudes! You gotta read this guy!" As much as my ego would love for that to be true, I know I'm the victim of some weird cyberspatial fluke. It feels a bit hollow, to be honest; it's almost as though I had paid money to a service to bump up my hit stats. Meanwhile, Blogger's much more sober site tracker is registering only 154 hits for today. It's enough to make me wonder how it is that Blogger is ignoring all the extraneous hits while SiteMeter is failing to do so. Hmmm.

UPDATE, 7:48PM: 1,017 unique visits. Over 400 such visits in about 2.5 hours, or about 160 visits per hour. I've noticed that, when the hits happen, they tend to come from one particular place, then another, then another. In each case, I'll get a bajillion hits from the same IP address, then the hits will start coming from a different IP, and so on. This tells us something about the anomaly, I think: it seems to be jumping from server to server, with a focus on driving hits (presumably just) to my site. Why I would be named the Chosen One is beyond me. In fact, I'm starting to wonder whether this isn't actually some sort of attack directed against me—an attack that's only now gathering force. I'll be curious to see whether we beat yesterday's high of 1,594 visits. How high can this go before something finally explodes?


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