Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Awesome lunch today, brought from home: my spicy chicken curry, a pile of rice, and the rest of my oi-kimchi. I swear, oi-kimchi is a perfect match for curry: just plop some cukes on top of your dish, scoop the curry up with some rice, and it's instant Kevinth heaven. Today's lunch was probably the best lunch I've ever eaten at the Golden Goose. Normally, I go out for Burger King or Subway, which generally means I'm spending around W12,000. (That's about the price of a Whopper set plus a chicken sandwich; at Subway, that's the price of a foot-long, a soda, a bag of chips, and one or two cookies.) The cost of today's lunch, if we think of portions as a fraction of grocery purchases, was probably less than half that.

I had to apologize to the front-office ladies, though, because I knew the curry would be obnoxiously pungent. They smiled and said not to worry, but after I'd finished my lunch, I passed by the front office and walked into a wall of air-freshening spray: the girls had done their best to kill the aroma emanating from the room with the microwave. I don't mind curry that much, but it does have a sort of musky, stinky-armpit aspect to it that some Koreans find unpleasant. (Even more unpleasant for most Koreans is straight-out cumin, which is likely why Mexican food has taken so long to gain a purchase on the peninsula.)

Anyway, it was a lunch to remember. Glad I made it. Glad I ate it.


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