Friday, June 12, 2015

"yes, maybe" to a party or two

My final two classes, this past Thursday, halfheartedly said yes to having jjong-parties, but we were completely unable to decide on a proper date, time, and location. The fourth class, my loudest, was particularly obstreperous: "Will there be alcohol?" several students asked breathlessly. Mortified, I blurted, "No!" My questioners sagged, then loudly declared, "That's not a party!" Eventually, even these rebels were convinced that it might be possible to have a party without the Devil's brew. We didn't have time, in either class, to discuss the matter further, so I told everyone I'd create a Kakao Group and we'd continue talking via text message before the final exam next week.

So, shit. My wallet will be taking a hit after all, and I'll just have to brace for impact.


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