Tuesday, December 03, 2019

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Here's my opinion on Joe Biden's public nibbling of his wife's finger: a man can nibble his wife's finger as a sign of affection if he wants to, so I can't really fault Biden for being publicly affectionate toward his wife. That said, Biden has been made aware, at this point, that he has a creepiness problem that is eroding his optics. Nuzzling women, massaging them, fondling their hair, drawing up close to them—these all appear to be examples of inappropriate intimacy, even if Biden's intentions weren't in any way salacious (and, truth be told, I seriously doubt that Biden meant to be salacious at all, in any of those instances). Innocent intentions notwithstanding, Biden really ought to know better by now.

But the left has painted itself into a corner because it insists that the truth of a situation can only be uttered by the victims: if a woman feels she's been harassed, then she's been harassed, and the supposed harasser's post-hoc declaration of his intentions doesn't matter. (Ask Brett Kavanaugh how this toxic, perverse dynamic works.) A person's guilt or innocence is completely up to the judgment of the supposed victim. By those standards, many of the women that Biden has inappropriately approached over the years have looked distinctly uncomfortable, so by the left's own reckoning, Biden ought to be formally censured for having discomfited so many women. Luckily for Biden, though, the left has double standards, so the old man is in the clear. As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit likes to say: if it weren't for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

Thought experiment: imagine that Joe Biden is a Republican. Do you think the press, and women everywhere, would have a field day then? You betcha'.

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