Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Best Friends

Check out our Allies now!

Any time I think we're getting truly principled on foreign relations, I think of Saudi Arabia. Any time I see Bush talking spewing forth about doing the right thing even if it's hard, I remind myself that this administration, like Clinton and Bush Sr., and RR etc. are buddies with the Saudis.

The war on terror is a farce if we don't deal in some way with the Saudis. Remember, this is a nation that makes girls burn alive because it's the moral thing to do. More about the above story here. Here is Testimony before Congress on the incident, and in the interests of full disclosure, here's what the Saudis have to say.

As the father of a little girl, I can't get past this culture's view on women. To me, the misogynistic nature of Saudi culture, and it's medieval treatment of human rights make Saudi Arabia an abomination. Throw in it's two faced support of radical terrorists, and you have one of the most dangerous regimes on the planet.

I know Max Leader has two wonderful little girls... BH's God-Daughter and my God Daugher. I'm curious to know his take on the Saudis.

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