Saturday, April 10, 2004

Saturday Swag

There's a story behind this picture, which might or might not net me some traffic from a publication called Sports Seoul, the biggest sports publication in Korea:

Pray ball!  Woo-hoo!

My buddy Tom asked me to do a pic of Kim Jong Il for an article he's written for Sports Seoul's online edition. The pic had to be in color, and Kim had to have a glove, a bat, and a hat. I know very little about baseball, but I'm aware that players don't wear gloves and use bats at the same time. The presence of both in the drawing meant that Kim would be limited to mere posing. No skin off my balls-- I'm happy to draw an illustration according to whatever strictures you give me.

[NB: Need an illustration? Email me to discuss rates for B&W and color line art.]

Tom's article is being translated into Korean and ought to be out soon. When it comes out (and assuming my illustration survives whatever screening process they have in place), I'll post a link to it. If Sports Seoul only wants one-time rights to the pic, then maybe I should slap this image on a mousepad with an obnoxious caption.

It's Holy Saturday. According to tradition, Jesus is burning in hell right now, and he's doing it for you. Kinda sucks to have to go through that year after year.

I'm reminded of this picture, something I cadged off the Net a few years back, but which always gives me a chuckle:

What did YOUR  savior die for?

Would that we could all die for a worthy cause... even if Dunkin Donuts is a false prophet compared to Krispy Kreme.

Some of my previous mug designs:

Choices, choices...

Fart in an elevator and someone might just kick you in the balls.







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