Monday, April 12, 2004

Monday Koreafarts

I think this entry's going to have to be something of a photoblog. I took my digital camera around to Seoul Women's University campus, snapped some pics of two of my four classes, and took photos of my private tutoree, Min Sung, the raging 9-year-old who speaks English pretty damn well for never having gone to America. I've also got a couple food pics and will finish up with some brush art.

First up: a series of SWU photos. Ignore the large idiot in most of these pics.

Kevin's Angels?

Kevin's Angels?

Kevn's Angels?

You'll note that, in the final pic, the girls were wise enough not to want to include yours truly in the pose.

Here-- look at some rabokkgi. It's a bit like ddeok-bokkgi, but with ramyeon (ramen). Behold:


If you must have sex with a candy bar, this isn't a bad one to hump:


Chocolate is my weakness. It's the flaw in my superpowers, the only way my enemies will ever defeat me. Chocolate renders me stupid the way Sade renders some folks horny. This bar is by Guylian, and it's called Praliné. The interior is truffle-esque. I'm reminded that la praline is one French slang term for the clitoris. I suppose if you refrigerated the bar for a few hours, it'd stiffen up, and then you could eat it by tonguing and nibbling it gently.

Switching gears...

I teach a private class in the pricey, trendy Apkujeong district of Seoul, but like an idiot, I charge this family (friends of my relatives) only W30,000 per hour for lessons. My buddy Tom heard this and remarked, "They fucked you, Kevin." No; actually, I fucked myself by insisting on the modest price. The way I see it, it'd be graft to charge the usual foreigner rates (in Apkujeong, you could get away with teaching private lessons at W70,000 per hour).

Min Sung is a pleasure to teach. He's got my gross sense of humor. To be honest, I'd teach him for free, but I kinda' need every penny.

Here's the vicious Min Sung:

Don't give this boy a gun.

Of course, Min Sung insisted on taking a picture of me, so...

The last thing you see before you're plunged into hell is The Big Hominid.

And finally, we end the evening with a set of Chinese characters a certain blogger should recognize:

The last thing you see before you're plunged into hell is The Big Hominid.


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