Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tuesday Worldfarts

I had to update the Monday Koreafarts (it's below the Air Marshal's guest post on NK-- scroll down) to include two links from Cathartidae and Incestuous Amplification.

The Maximum Leader's blog starts us off with some liberal and conservative and nondualist repartee. Permalinks aren't in order yet, so just keep on reading.

Richard of Peking Duck, now back in the States, I think (?), posts on the China Daily's rants against the "wicked, wicked West."

Cosmic Buddha: food criticism and geopolitics.

Neat diving pics at Higo Blog.

Conrad stirs things up by dissing Shanghai.

BRD on hafnium and mercenaries.

If you haven't visited Anna's Primal Purge yet, do yourself a favor and get your sorry ass over there. Her prose reminds me of Mark Leyner's brilliantly over-the-top work, and that's the highest compliment I can give her. See especially her post on Stephen Hawking. Props to the Maximum Leader, who blogrolled her first and told me how awesome Anna was.

Absolutely hilarious exchange going on between Ryan and some Buddhists over the issue of Buddha images on bikinis and other scanty-wear. Start here, read the comments; then go here and read those comments.

Dan Darling: a Liebermanian bipartisan council of war?

KBJ will vote for Nader, and he gloats over the effect Nader is producing in the Democrats. KBJ also posts on Pat Tillman, the Ranger and former NFL player who was recently killed in action in Afghanistan.

Lorianne gets all Zen on us, here and here.

Kilgore fisks some really bad Talmudic exegesis.


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