Sunday, September 17, 2006

goddaughter's birthday message

Creating an MP3 with the software I have is a pain in the fucking ass, lemme tell ya'.

First, I have to record and edit all sounds via Cacophony, a for-Mac Shareware program that works pretty well for my purposes. Next, I have to use QuickTime Pro to convert the file to something smaller, such as MOV or MP4. As Murphy's Law would have it, QuickTime Pro doesn't allow conversion to MP3. So the third step is for me to use yet another program called WireTap to convert the MOV or MP4 to an MP3 file. This almost feels as if I'm working backwards: MP3s are actually larger than MOV files.

If anyone can figure out a quicker and easier way for a Mac user to record sounds without having to go through all this rigamarole, please write in. I appreciated the recent outpouring of DVD-related advice; it worked well for my PC at the office.

Anyway, this is an MP3 of the audio birthday message I sent to my goddaughter recently. Enjoy my singing talent... such as it is.

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