Sunday, September 17, 2006

postal scrotum: various

Many thanks to the folks who wrote in to recommend the Audacity software for Mac audio recording (in response to this post). However, I tried that software a while back and found it unwieldy on my Mac. This might be a problem unique to my Mac-- if Audacity works for you, then more power to you.

A reader wrote in with regard to my Po-po-po-POPE post:

In re: Ratzinger's remarks on Islam, keep in mind that the media which is reporting on this is not known for being generally supportive of Christianity.

True enough. The media are also largely uninterested in covering successful interreligious dialogue. You see occasional articles about people of different faiths living together harmoniously, but these articles are buried under other articles that dwell on blood and conflict. When was the last time you saw a Page One story about good interfaith relations? Was it in a prominent publication? Anyway, I share your cynicism about elements in the media.

My brother David writes in to say that conversion to MP3 is a snap via iTunes. I'll be trying that with my old audioblogs and sticking them on Odeo.


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