Saturday, September 30, 2006

the most awesomest news

This just in: my best Korean buddy Jang-woong is a dad. The baby remains unnamed, but indications are that the family is leaning toward "T'ae-rim," or "Great Forest." I like it. JW says part of the reason for choosing such a name was so that it would be easy to find a similar-sounding Western name-- in this case, Terry. A few alternative names are in the running; good luck to my buddy as he decides on the right one.

I'm going to train out to Inch'eon to see the baby and the happy couple late next week. As with my other friends, JW notes that the feeling of officially becoming a dad is indescribable. His poor wife, alas, went through 28 hours of labor. It's my understanding that this would be akin to being kicked in the balls for 28 hours, so hats off to Bo Hyun for her fortitude.


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