Tuesday, September 05, 2006

in anticipation: "The Fountain"

The preview for this film looks incredible, and there's at least one gushing advance review out there already.

The film's cross-cutting of three different eras reminds me of the way the TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" chose to end its run. Trek geeks will recall that the series finale, titled "All Good Things...", is about Q's gift of one final puzzle to Captain Picard: a puzzle that gives Picard the chance to save the galaxy, and perhaps the entire universe.

To solve the puzzle, which hits Picard at three different points in his life, the Enterprise captain has to stretch his imagination across time and causality to realize that an immense explosion has caused an outbreak of antitime, the temporal analogue of antimatter. The reward for Picard's solving of the puzzle? Q's respect: Picard proves himself able to transcend his normal, blinkered, three-dimensional worldview, an ability that hints at the vastness of human potential. This potential is another reason why the Q Continuum remains endlessly fascinated with our species.

While "The Fountain" doesn't appear to involve anything quite so brain-busting, it uses the "multiple time frames" technique to tell what has been termed a "metaphysical love story," and I'm very much looking forward to its arrival in Korea.

So! My list of films to see now includes:

"The Fountain"-- a metaphysical love/life/death story spanning a millennium
"The Pursuit of Happyness"-- responsible dad overcoming the odds
"Zen Noir"-- linear detective meets non-linear Zennists in murder mystery
"Happy Feet"-- dancing, singing, animated penguins
"Thanks for Smoking"-- based on the Chris Buckley book
"Fast Food Nation"-- also based on a book
"Invincible"-- local boy makes it big in 70s football
"The Illusionist"-- is that dude a freak? are those magic tricks real?
"Crank"-- 24 hours to live; better make the most of it
"Employee of the Month"-- store clerk Dane Cook wants to bang Jessica Simpson

I doubt I'll see a third of these, but a man can dream.


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