Monday, September 06, 2010


My brother David has been given quite a treat to reward his ten years' faithful service at his firm: a trip to Canada! He'll be spending the next few days at a four-star hotel in old-town Quebec City. I wish him well; the online photos of the hotel look amazing.



Nathan B. said...

I've not yet been to it, but Quebec City is considered the most beautiful in Canada. It's also got the oldest architecture. Nice!

Elisson said...

The Missus and I honeymooned there back in 1977, staying at the Chateau Frontenac (I call it the "Chateau Front 'n' Back"), a spectacular castle-like pile that overlooks the Saint Lawrence River. And I've since visited several times on business.

David is going at just the right time. He'll miss the bitterly cold winter, and he may get some nice foliage color turnage. I am envious!

Kevin Kim said...

Château Frontenac is still one of the biggies, but David's not at that place (he'd prefer that I not disclose the name of the hotel he's at). Alas, the weather in Quebec is going to be cool and rainy until Saturday, an aftereffect of the tendril of hurricane that brushed by. But David seems to be happy to be up there. I told him to eat some poutine.