Thursday, September 16, 2010


I received an email on Wednesday morning from the ETS office, apologizing for the scheduling misfire and granting me an extra several days to take the certification test. I now have until 11:59PM,* September 21. Whew. Or maybe that's a half-whew: I still view the cert exam with trepidation.

It's not all Sturm und Drang, though: I do have to praise the office's very rapid response to my email. The staffer with whom I've communicated over the past couple of weeks has been extremely friendly and helpful.

*I imagine they chose 11:59PM to eliminate any midnight-related ambiguity: in a manner of speaking, every calendar day has two midnights.



Charles said...

Good luck on the test!

Rhesus said...

I doubt you'll have any trouble on the test.

You might want to look into whether IELTS training is offered in your area. It's pretty interesting (and well-paying), as far as testing goes.

John from Daejeon said...

You might want to check out USAJOBS. The government has a lot of openings, including one for a writer in South Korea.

John said...

Hi Kevin I'm on blogger now - not that I'll ever post much... I'm too lazy. I examine for IELTS Reading and Writing in NZ. Shitty pay but it is great cudos in the job I'm in now.