Sunday, September 19, 2010

what dog-sitting involves

I'm dog-sitting my brother's chihuahua, Maqz, over the weekend. This means driving across town to Sean's apartment and spending a few hours with the pooch. Maqz is friendly and loves company, so dog-sitting him is easy. He has a few chew toys scattered throughout the apartment; playing fetch with him keeps him entertained. He also likes a good scratch on the chest, neck, and head, and enjoys his own bizarre version of cuddling, which involves burying himself under pillows or blankets at your feet. Occasionally, Maqz will go for a more standard cuddle, but not that often. Otherwise, he's a quiet, well-behaved dog-- quite unlike the stereotypical TV chihuahua with the overly beady eyes and the trembling, meth-addict head. Best of all: unlike the way he behaves at our house, Maqz never dribbles off the edge of his pee pad when he does his business; as a result, cleanup is barely a chore at all. I think I have one or two more days with the dog. He's fun to hang with.


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