Saturday, September 04, 2010

shout-out to!

One of my readers apparently attends (or teaches at) the University of Wisconsin. He or she stops by One Free Korea first, then heads right over to this blog. Although I'm not a fan of sloppy seconds, I appreciate the patronage. Truly dost thou rock, Whoeveryouare. Indeed, you are powerful, as the Emperor has foreseen. Now go and sin no more, and work out your salvation with diligence. There is another Skywalker.


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Kevin Kim said...

...and no reaction to this post. None, despite the Vader reference ("Indeed, you are powerful..."), the Jesus reference ("...sin no more"), the Buddha reference ("work out your salvation..."), and the Yoda reference ("...another Skywalker"). Damn.

I guess the lesson here is that it never pays to call people out when they think they've been lurking undetected. But vee must all learn zee harsh trooss zat zere are no ninjas in cyberspace! Everyone leefs a footprint, ja?!