Friday, July 01, 2011

tomorrow, we celebrate... or mourn

But neither for long! If I celebrate after doing well on the GRE, it'll only be because I know that this is merely the first of several hurdles on the track to a better job. If I mourn after bombing on this GRE, it'll only be for a short while because I've got other GREs to take over the course of this year. Whether the outcome be triumph or tragedy, I won't be dwelling on it much beyond tomorrow.

Tonight's the final night of study, then I walk into the testing center at 10AM tomorrow and see how it goes. Although I feel some pressure to do well for the sake of a possible future career, I'm relieved not to have to worry about submitting these scores to a graduate school. That pressure is completely absent, Cthulu be praised.

I also have a sort of Plan B in place: if I score high, but not high enough for Manhattan GRE's expectations, I'll hit Craigslist, put out my cyber-shingle, and go into business for myself. The truth of the matter is that most grad schools don't require absolutely stellar GRE scores. High scores certainly help, but the schools are looking at more than your standardized test results.


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