Wednesday, July 20, 2011

curious spores

July 20th is Moon Landing Day: a day of mystery and awe and garbled quotes ("one small step for [a??] man..."). Today, we celebrate the era when we puny beings of flesh squeezed into fragile little sardine cans and flung ourselves away from Mother Earth, sporelike, riding on tendrils of gas and hurtling through a short interval of space with enough accuracy to land gently upon our nearest celestial neighbor: a friendly, gray, and ever-expressive presence that has hovered near us for eons, a little over one light-second away.

And then, to the world's horror, yours truly was born 42 days later, and this year marks the Beast's 42nd birthday.



Surprises Aplenty said...

Wow. Next year's the big one: ten years on Jesus!

Charles said...

I was thinking of getting a walker to help you when you resume the walk, seeing as how you're getting up in years now. Do you have any particular models you're interested in?

Kevin Kim said...




What's that, shonny? You'll have to shpeak into my good cochlear implant.

Nathan B. said...

Happy Birthday, Kevin! By the way, I'm quite in awe of your focus on outperforming nearly everyone else on the GRE. I'm sure you are already a very worthy as a candidate for the position you'd like to fill.

Kevin Kim said...


I'll take that as an advance "Happy Birthday" for August 31st. Much obliged.

And I appreciate the encouragement re: the job. Alas, scoring in the 99th percentile on the Quantitative isn't going to be easy. I'm realizing that part of what keeps me from a higher score is a tendency to make boneheaded mistakes that arise through simple carelessness, not lack of aptitude. Be careful is the current motto as I plow through the GRE workbooks.


Nathan B. said...

Kevin--my goodness, when I read your blog entry, I was too tired to read "days" as "days"; for some reason, I thought it was hours!

About the encouragement, I'm curious: could you not apply just to teach the verbal? In any case, I think you can get there. For my part, I wouldn't stand a chance with anything involving math or calculation. (Or, apparently, reading! ;0P )