Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My buddy Tom alerts me to an Aussie who is crossing Australia on foot... all while wearing an Imperial stormtrooper outfit. Paul Jacob French of Melbourne is doing the walk for charity; his goal is to raise $50,000 (Australian) to help the Starlight Foundation, which aids sick and hospitalized children. His route is taking him from Perth, in the southwest corner of the continent, to Sydney-- way over in the southeast corner. The distance is comparable to crossing the US mainland: 2500 miles.

Tom sent the news of Mr. French my way because of French's carrier, which you can see here. That's close to the sort of design I'd like, except that I'd rather leave my arms free to swing. A harness that would allow me to pull the carrier along would be better. The other problem, in my case, is that I've decided to do my own walk by following the American Discovery Trail, which does follow roads for much of its length, but which also follows some wheel-unfriendly routes. I'd need to look more closely at the entire ADT before deciding whether purchasing a carrier might be worth the trouble.


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